100% NATURAL ORGANIC CAT LITTER with many unique characteristics.

Product benefits:

  • Made with natural wheat, whose enzymes are great at neutralizing unpleasant cat urine odours;
  • Does not include silicon or other harmful non-organic chemicals, which is good news for you and your pet;
  • Thanks to its starch, any urine that enters the cat litter forms solid clumps that are then easy to remove. Because of this, you will only discard cat litter that has absorbed urine;
  • Completely safe for cats – any particles that enter your pet’s body when it licks its paws will not cause any sort of health problems;
  • Not prone to sticking to paws, making it easier to keep the area around the cat litter box tidy;
  • The granules are very soft, so they’re great for young kittens or cats with sensitive paws;
  • Very economical – 2-3 kilograms will be enough for a month for one cat;
  • Granulated texture guarantees that there won’t be any dust when pouring the cat litter into a box.