About Buoncu

BUONCU is a range of high – premium quality pet food, formulated to meet the specific nutritional needs of dogs and cats according to their age and size varieties. Carefully selected prime quality raw materials, minerals, vitamins and organic trace minerals are used for its production.

BUONCU products are made without wheat, thus reducing the risk of allergies and digestive problems. It contains additional amounts of the essential amino acids, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins and organic trace minerals which are vital for correct development and functioning of the animal’s body.

BUONCU contains ingredients which are highly digestible and appetizing.


Lamb meat – an excellent protein source that is palatable and easily digestible. It contains essential amino acids and dietary fats, which help sustain energy. Lamb meat also have plenty of vitamins and minerals that support muscle development and encourage optimum skin and coat health. Lamb meat is a better option for pets who suffer from food sensitivities or food allergies caused by other protein sources such as poultry.

Poultry meat is a great source of protein and niacin, which is essential for the health of the skin, mucous membranes, digestive system and central nervous system. Poultry meat protein builds lean muscle mass in pets and delivers Omega-6 fatty acids that helps sustain healthy skin and shiny coats. It is also a great source of essential amino acids and glucosamine, which helps promote bone health.

Tuna meat is a great source of protein. It has the right amino acids required for muscle growth and regeneration. It also an excellent source of valuable fish oil rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Rice – a healthy and easily digestible carbohydrate source for pets that require a wheat gluten free option. It is optimally suited for intestinal activity.

Peas are a protein source of vegetable origin with essential amino acids. They contain vitamins C, A, niacin, B group vitamins, rich in antioxidants. The fiber controls appetite (helps to regulate weight), reduces the risk of diarrhea or constipation.

Linseed protein provides energy and keeps the immune system strong, fiber is important to pet’s digestive health. Linseed is a natural source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-6 nourishes the skin from within to support healthy skin and a shiny coat. Omega-3 fatty acids, also known as alpha-linoleic acids (ALA), give a boost to the immune system.

Beet pulp is a natural prebiotic that promotes normal flora reproduction in digestive tract. The higher content of soluble and insoluble fiber in the body promotes the movement of intestinal contents, eliminating unconsolidated material (e.g. hairballs), solves the problem of constipation.

Dried apple pomace are a good source of vitamins E and C. Contains antioxidants that improve appetite and digestion. Binds free radicals and eliminates them from the body.

Prebiotics mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) facilitate the inactivation and expulsion of bacteria that are commonly due to intestinal dysfunctions. They also stimulate the local and intestinal immune system, which defends the organism against pathogen attacks.

Brewer’s yeast – normalizes blood sugar, reduces stress and soothes nervous system (group B vitamins). Brewer’s yeast is a natural probiotic which reduces the risk of diarrhea, maintains healthy skin and shiny coat, strengthens the immune system and promotes faster healing of wounds.

Micronized clinoptilolite acts as an antioxidant, absorbing pathogenic bacteria and bacterial toxins in the intestines, stabilizes and regulates immune system. This material absorbs ammonia, eliminates bad smells and reduces fecal moisture. Affects calcium and phosphorus content, reduces total cholesterol and glucose levels in the blood.

Cellulose stimulates intestinal peristalsis, removes some of the material from the stool metabolic waste and hair. Cellulose improves digestion, maintains optimum faeces consistency. Gently cleans teeth, reduces dental plaque.

Yucca extract improve intestinal microbial flora and thus digestion, reducing volatile nitrogen compounds in the faeces which cause bad odours.

Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant which is crucial to improving and supporting immune system health. It reduce the number of free radicals formed, inhibits cell aging and protects blood vessels and the heart.

Taurine is an essential amino acid for cats to supports neurological development and helps regulate the level of water and mineral salts in the blood. Taurine is important for the normal heart muscle function, vision, reproduction and growth.

Glucosamine is one of molecules that is normally found in healthy joints. Its concentration decreases in elderly animals and/or overweight dogs. The daily use of foods containing this molecules is essential to maintaining joint mobility and retarding their wear.

Lysine is an essential amino acid for the well-being of your pet. It facilitates the calcium absorption, contributes to the good condition of the muscles, develop and fortify the immune system.

DL-Methionine is stabilizing urinary pH and preventing the urinary tract of kidney or bladder stones. It also preventing skin and nail problems.

L-carnitine function is to transport fatty acids inside the cell from the places where they are deposited to the sites where they are transformed into energy. This activity facilitates the reduction of adipose tissue and helps control target weight.

Aromatic herbs has a diuretic effect and it is useful in boosting kidney function. Also stimulate the kidneys to eliminate the excess fluids in the lungs or other organs that reduces the amount of fluids and salts in the body.